This company was born out of love. Love for marketing, love for client relationships, and love for helping our fellow business owners achieve their goals.

We began as a “passion project”, created by Conrad and Madeline O’Brien, to fill a need in the realm of MSP marketing. Throughout our various journeys in the MSP marketing world, we noticed a gap in what was available to business owners.

There were expensive, full-service marketing companies (like the one we worked for) that charged upwards of $3000 a month for their services.

On the other end of the spectrum, well-known “gurus” sold mass-produced content at a lower price, but the material was dated and overused.

This polar arrangement left MSP owners with little choice but to pay big-time out of pocket for third party marketing management. For small companies and start-ups, $3000 a month is a lot of money!

Our inspiration was to find a middle ground. We wanted to take the bold concepts, creative ideas, and valuable experience of a high-end marketing company and make it available to the masses. We wanted to produce the best MSP marketing content in the business and share it openly so that MSPs everywhere could leverage our talents and knowledge.

Most importantly, we didn’t want clients. We wanted a community.

This is where the membership-based format of MarketStash came about. Small monthly fees make our content available, and through our community forum, we’re all able to discuss MSP marketing, talk strategy, and share in our successes!

We love being your MSP marketing experts, and we hope you enjoy being a part of MarketStash just as much as we do.