Guarantee of Marketing Efficacy

The MarketStash team works tirelessly to create marketing content (email campaigns, social media posts, direct mailers, videos, etc.). We maintain an extremely high quality standard on our products, and we believe that we’re providing the best and most innovative MSP marketing content in the business.

Marketing is a complex process, and MarketStash makes no guarantees regarding the effect that our marketing materials will have on your business. Your results will vary depending on how you use the materials, your geographical location, your target market, and your follow-up sales process.

Content Updates and Additions

The MarketStash team makes regular additions and updates to content in our members-only content library. While we tend to add new content on a weekly basis, we will always publish a new batch of content to the library every 30 days. Each of these planned batches will include enough content for a month of marketing (and you will still retain access to all previous materials in the library.) Using this system, it would be nearly impossible for your MSP to run out of fresh marketing content from our library.

Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied with your MarketStash membership, you may request a refund within 30 days of your initial signup date. After 30 days, you may cancel any time (memberships involve no contracts or obligations) but no refunds may be issued.  Refunds will be processed within 14 days of the approved request.


Use of MarketStash marketing content, materials, or services is entirely at the consumer’s discretion. MarketStash and its employees and agents are not responsible for losses or damages that may occur from use of materials obtained on this website.

Licensing and Use of MarketStash Materials

Membership with MarketStash entitles members to download, modify, and use the marketing materials that we provide in the content library. Members are permitted to use our content for one business only. MarketStash materials are not to be resold, redistributed, or shared beyond their actual use in marketing the member’s company. For the sake of keeping our materials unique and exclusive, marketing companies and their agents are prohibited from joining MarketStash. If a member is discovered to be an employee or owner of a competing marketing company or marketing provider, their account will be terminated with no refunds issued.

If any marketing company, agency, or provider other than MarketStash is found to be using, reselling, or distributing MarketStash materials, they will be subject to civil and criminal recourse.