“We saw the mistakes being made behind the scenes at other MSP marketing companies because we worked with them. What amazed me the most was that many of them were providing very little value to their clients, yet they were still getting contracts. That meant there wasn’t a better option for them to turn to.” —  Ken Overstreet, MarketStash Operations Manager

We Put Everything Into Being the Best There Is


Nearly everyone on the MarketStash team has worked in MSP marketing, either freelance or within the ranks of a large MSP marketing company. These various tenures helped us to collectively decide what MarketStash would become.

First and foremost, we wanted to provide real value to our clients and members. Quite frankly, the level of service and quality of work produced by most of the MSP marketing companies at the time was in no way aligned with the prices they charged. Some MSP owners would ride out an entire year under contract with these marketing companies — spending thousands of dollars in the process — without getting a single viable lead. Yet somehow, they just kept turning out their pockets.

Some of the companies we worked for had no structure, no organization. They suffered from many internal problems, and that led to poor results for their clients. It’s not that these companies were out to swindle people. Not at all! They were simply too damaged to provide value.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that the only way we could give MSP owners what they truly deserved was to shake off the yokes of these broken companies and build our own from the ground up. And so we did. Today, we remain focused on that all-important keystone of value. We want our members and clients to feel that we really are bettering their business and helping them to succeed. We want to make your marketing dollar count for something, because it absolutely should.

Sure, MarketStash is different — but it’s our commitment to value that makes us better.

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