Landing pages — also known as “squeeze pages” — are the lifeblood of a successful digital marketing machine. If you’re not making use of them, your business isn’t leveraging the most high-converting tool in the digital marketing arsenal.

Sales Funnels and Landing Pages

At MarketStash, we believe in the proven effectiveness of sales funnels. Our exclusive Prospect Pipelines are built around the concept of a purpose-built, multi-faceted campaign that combines inbound and outbound marketing. Emails and social media go out, and traffic comes in.

But what happens after those people click a link and end up on your website? Not much, if you don’t give them a compelling offer.

If your inbound traffic just lands on your homepage, there’s a lot of potential going to waste. Homepages can be attractive, impressive, and functional…but they’re not known for turning traffic into leads.

That’s what landing pages are for. They make a very direct statement, present a compelling offer, and ask for something in return (usually an email address). They’re very focused in their message and intent, unlike most MSP websites which are built to deliver a lot of information to an inquisitive visitor.

The focus that a landing page creates is very powerful. It takes the burden of choice away from the visitor. There are no menus or links to follow — just the simple proposition of “input this, receive that.” People in a hurry or who don’t want to dive deep into an unfamiliar website are far more likely to respond to this sort of quid pro quo.

What Makes a Landing Page?

In our years of MSP marketing consulting, we’ve seen a lot of confusion around the concept of landing pages. Sure, nearly anything can be called a landing page, but what separates a truly effective landing or squeeze page from any old page on your site with a form on it?

It’s simple:

  • A squeeze page has a single offer. Download this eBook. Read our special report. Book a free cybersecurity audit. Whatever you’re offering, make it clear what you’re giving away in exchange for the visitor’s information.
  • A squeeze page has no navigation menu. There should only be two ways out of a landing page: Fill out the form or close the tab. Menus and navigation add confusion to the landing page. You don’t want people wandering off to check out your blog…you want them to fill out a lead capture form.
  • A squeeze page has a lead capture mechanism. Of course, if you don’t have a lead capture form, the landing page is pretty worthless. You must get something in exchange for the offer that you’re making, and generally, it’s an email address to add to your mailing list.
  • A squeeze page is simple and focused. I can’t stress this enough! A landing page should NOT look like a blog post with a form. Keep the text minimal and the message direct. While there are varied techniques to making effective squeeze pages, you’re generally going to get better results with a quick, deliberate message.

How Do I Make a Landing Page?

This is the part that many small business owners struggle with. Not only is it difficult for non-marketing-types to create landing page content, but it’s fairly challenging to develop the pages themselves unless you’re a web designer.

Well, that used to be the case, anyways.

Now there are plenty of great tools available to help SMBs and entrepreneurs create awesome squeeze pages with minimal effort or web design knowledge. Our absolute favorite tool is LeadPages. This platform allows you to create beautiful landing pages by using templates and a simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s one of the most user-friendly web-based design platforms I’ve ever used, and the functionality is incredible.

As a hint to how many cool things you can do with it, I’ll tell you that we created several of the MarketStash website’s pages and 90% of our eCommerce system in LeadPages. Because the platform is made to integrate with WordPress, it opens up a lot of opportunities for getting creative and maximizing your web presence.

If you’re looking to get started with sales funnel marketing and need to create your own landing pages quickly and easily, you should definitely check out LeadPages.

Hosted Landing Pages & Hands-Off Sales Funnel Marketing

Though tools like LeadPages make it a cinch for anyone to create their own landing pages, you may not have the time or the desire to go the DIY route. If you’re looking to leverage the power of sales funnel marketing without taking on the extra work, I recommend checking out our MarketStash Pro membership

This membership level includes design and hosting of your landing pages, along with emails and other content to drive traffic to those pages. We call these purpose-built sales funnels “Prospect Pipelines”, and our team custom-tailors these exclusively for our Pro members. As part of your strategic consultation, we’ll discuss which products or verticals you want to target, and we’ll provide the content needed to achieve your goals.

Who else but MarketStash can take the most effective digital marketing concept available and make it this easy?

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