Are you the curious type? Check out these frequently-asked questions!


What experience do you have marketing managed service providers?

Everyone on the MarketStash team has real-world experience marketing MSPs and IT companies both in the United States and overseas. With decades of marketing experience under our belts and an intimate knowledge of the MSP landscape, we bring the perfect mix of skills, proven know-how, and new ideas to the table.

If you want to know more about our history, take a look at the MarketStash Story.

Are you going to start marketing other industries?

We plan to branch out into different industries in the future. For now, we’re focusing on what we know best!

How often do you add content?

We guarantee that we’ll add new content at least once a week, although we’re usually adding new content to the site daily in the form of Library files, tutorials, or blog posts.

Do you take requests for content?

Yes! We’d love to hear your requests. Contact us through the support form if you’d like to make a suggestion.

Can you help me use the marketing materials that are in your library?

We strive to include detailed instructions for use with our content. We’re also working to put helpful tutorials and walkthroughs on the site to make marketing as easy as possible. If you’re having trouble or simply don’t have the time to sort through all of our great content, you may want to look into our Pro Membership.